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Our Story

iPak (Island Packaging) is the Packaging Division of Treasure Island Industrial Corporation. We are one of the major suppliers of Flexible Packaging and Plastic Products in the Vismin area.


We are committed to delivering excellent service from partnering with new enterprises in developing their packaging needs to serving the stringent demands of established businesses with large volume requirements. Through the years, iPak remains steadfast in serving its customers with the highest quality products.


Our customers from both domestic and international markets include food and beverage, healthcare, personal care, and industrial or chemical industries.

Legacy and Milestone

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Birth of TIIC

Ong Lian Siong founded the mother company

Birth of Packaging Division

Manufacturer of PVC cap seals

Birth of Houseware

Started the production of houseware products

Birth of iPak Brand

Brand label for microwavable plastic products

Birth of Extrusion

Own production of PE films using film extrusion process

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Birth of

Brand label for microwavable plastic products


Our Vision, Mission and Core Values


We are a trusted packaging solutions partner that offers innovative and sustainable products to households and industries in the Philippines


We are committed to HELP and provide quality and sustainable packaging needs to every home and business industry.

Core Values

We stand on our passion for commitment to delivering the best service and products. Making sure we value each member of the company as we establish good communication and respect. We make sure to have integrity in everything that we do and aspire to always innovate to help move the organization, embrace opportunities, and continual improvement. We adapt to changes and most importantly, we make every action under God’s influence and guidance.

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