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Medical and Life Insurance





Medicine and Dental Allowance


Perfect Attendance Incentive

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Yearly Performance Incentive

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Rena Buenaventura

    iPak opens for me several avenues of serious learning in a not-so-serious environment. Haha! Think corporate feels in laidback jeans.


    Striking that comfortable work-life balance is also a dealbreaker for me.  Working with iPak ensures that while there are tight timelines and times juggling multiple projects, there will always be time for the pressing obligations outside the job, like schooling and serious hobbies.


    iPak has helped me sharpen my saw, so to speak. I am not built for the 'cube' life and having the freedom to use my own work style is refreshing. I deal with new coworkers and many departments on an almost daily basis, giving me a well-rounded exposure of how the rest of the team works, outside the sales perspective. 

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Jamilton Guerrero

    For almost 8 years working in ipak, I would say that I have gained more knowledge  in my work, I have  also improved  myself  in dealing with difficult situation and will continue to improve to be a better person. Up until now I have learned so many things and I am very thankful for it

    They have helped me financially.


    I am for always be grateful for all the opportunities that iPak have given to me.

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Joseph Vidal

    Why did I choose iPak? Why not, I believed that its everybody’s dream to be able to land into a career wherein both their passion and profession come into perfect place. iPak    provided me a with a platform to exhibit what I learned as a packaging engineer.  the career path that I always dreamt of , is the one that’s geared towards sharpening and building robust skills in packaging development ,quality control and testing. 


    In ipak all these dreams made into reality furthermore iPak provided a culture wherein people are welcomed and valued, herein iPak we can be whoever you want to be, and we are treated like a family. IPak is so far among the best career decisions I made in my life.


    Part of my non-negotiables in terms of career is my thirst of learning and development iPak not only provided me with a haven wherein I can practice my course and profession but also made it a point that I along with others continuously learned new things   both technical and organizational .  


    iPak made me became more confident what I do as a packaging engineer, the technical trainings provided for us sharpened my knowledge of flexible packaging and even how the manufacturing side of operations work. iPak also provided trainings to merge in personal and professional growth.  lastly and more importantly iPak open my heart and mind to the things that truly matter, it is giving back and supporting the community.   iPak through its corporate social responsibilities’ programs made me realize it’s not just about me but also about   building a better community.

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Noel Maningo

    For me, choosing your work is the same choosing the kind of life you wanted to be. It is basically the same as finding and choosing a job that could pay as higher than what we are expecting to receive as being exposed in the environment wherein there is a good relationship and a fair treatment between the management and the workers is the first and the main reason why i choose to stay in ipak. They showed care and prioritize the safety of their employees. Another reason is that this company helps me in showcasing my expertise through my experience that boost my confidence as well.


    Being with iPak for almost 25 years is a blessing. They helped me grow  to be a better person.I always think how lucky i am to be a part of this company.Ipak helps me in achieving my dreams for my family ,because of ipak ,i already have my own house (which is just a dream before) was able to finished my daughter in college and now engage in a small business. That is why i thank iPak for everything from the moment i started working here as an ordinary worker until i become a supervisor. I could never achieve what i have right now if not because of this company. May you inspire more lives to change in the future. Thank you iPak.

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Florentina Cambongga 

    I started working with iPak as a piece rate employee and was given an opportunity to be directly hired and work as a machine operator. With hard work and gaining the management’s trust, I had gone through a couple of different jobs like being a QC Line Inspector and an Encoder. Today, I am working as the Converting UP Team Leader under the Flexible Department and iPak has provided me trainings and seminars that I needed to be effective in my role. I am forever thankful for iPak for it’s continuous help and support in my career and my personal life.

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