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Medical Mission

One of Treasure Island Industrial Corporation’s way of giving back to the community is through partnership with schools in aiding them on providing a healthy and safe environment for the kids. Aside from our Brigada Eskwela partnership with Mabini Integrated School, TIIC also chose them to be the recipient of our yearly Medical Mission. Our team of volunteers and employees provided health check assessments to all elementary and high school students and gave them the recommendations on how to address their medical needs. TIIC gave out vitamins to all the students and medicines to those who needed them. TIIC, with the partnership of the Rotary Club – Cebu Gloria Maris, gathered a group of volunteers who conducted eye examinations for the students and gave out free eyeglasses. At the end of the day, it was a fulfilling journey for all volunteers and employees and capped off the
day with a meal shared with everyone.

River Clean up

Treasure Island is committed to acting responsibly in protecting the environment in the community where it operates. In the hopes of contributing to the rehabilitation of the nearby Butuanon River, our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) team organizes a quarterly clean-up drive to minimize clogging and contamination in nearby establishments and households. This clean-up drive or Adopt an Estero Program also encourages volunteerism among TIIC employees. To ensure the employee volunteer's safety during the activity cleaning tools are provided and nurses are always present. After the activity, all gathered to share on some refreshments. A little reward for everyone who took part in the Adopt an Estero Program.

Tree Planting